Analyst Program

Program Overview

First Year – Junior Student Analyst ($20/hr)

Commitment of 7-10 hours per week, 1-2 positions available ideally for those entering their 3rd-year of Finance with a specialization in basic equity valuation.

After several training workshops, students will assist in evaluating and rating equity investments currently held in Qube portfolios. Our Portfolio Managers use these ratings as part of sell decisions within our portfolio. Equity valuations include basic quantitative and qualitative reviews (Phase 1 Assignments) that determine and define both intrinsic share values, trends in key valuation factors, as well as other quantitative perspectives. Our equity valuation process follows prescribed and classic methodology as taught in the CFA curriculum. 

Second Year – Senior Student Analysts ($22/hr) 

Commitment of 7-10 hours per week, 1-2 positions available ideally for those entering their 4th-year of Finance with a specialization in basic equity valuation.

Second-year students will complete equity valuations on prospective investments for the portfolio with recommendations for trade consideration. Fixed income valuation and portfolio construction, as well as other special assignments, will be offered to supplement second-year student experience opportunities. Assistance with mentoring, peer-reviewing, and training of first-year students’ analysts will be done by second-year analysts.

Team Lead ($23/hr)

Commitment of 7-10 hours per week, 1 position ideally for those entering their 4th-year of Finance with a specialization in basic equity valuation and have gained a year’s work experience at QIM.

The Team Lead will complete additional responsibilities among those of the Senior Student Analyst including, but not limited to;

  • On-campus assistance for student analyst recruitment 

  • Engaging in mentorship and development of first-year students

  • Planning and promoting monthly social events within the research team and QIM staffers

  • Coordination of attending CFA Edmonton Society events

  • Partnering student analysts with QIM staffers

  • Tracking and monitoring of analyst’s performance utilizing the analyst scoreboard


Assets Under Management (AUM)


Equity Research








  • Successful Analyst trade recommendations are $5 - 10,000,000

  • All Analyst recommendations are tracked for ongoing feedback and competitive positioning

Analysts are given the opportunity to research all 11 market sectors across global equity markets 

  • Analysts are provided the opportunity to attend CFA Edmonton Society Events with a Senior Qube Staff Member

  • Alumni mentoring opportunities from prior Qube Analysts

  • Regular team social events (Analyst vs. Manager competitions)

Analysts complete projects supporting the Associate Portfolio Managers. Past projects include; fixed income analysis, Phase I research templates, and development of analyst scoring system

Investment Counselling training opportunities. Which includes Group Savings 1on1 client sessions

All of the QAP students receive not only valuable work experience, but are paid competitive compensation for their work and the value they bring to Qube

  • Analysts are mentored by one of Albertas few independent Portfolio Managers. Additionally, analysts have the opportunity to work with; CFAs, Economists, and MBAs on a daily basis

  • Opportunities to meet and engage with QAP Alumni 

  • Full use of Bloomberg terminals

  • Access to over a decade’s worth of investment research, financial models, and analyst expertise

Interest in the QAP Program?

Please email your cover letter and resume to Ian Quigley, MBA at ian@qubeinvest.ca