Direct Stock-Holding Portfolio

We pride ourselves on our research-centric approach to investment management.

Balancing traditional research techniques with modern portfolio science allows our team to find companies that demonstrate and maintain solid investing fundamentals. We look for less volatile and proven earnings combined with long-standing stable dividend policies. Share prices need to be justified on a combination of current earnings and reasonable growth possibilities. Quality financial statements, coherent management and an operational business plan need to be in place before we rank a company as a buy.

Meet Kaleo

Kaleo consists of a portfolio of stocks that are selected using an investment approach that applies company-specific fundamental analysis, and strategic macroeconomic positioning. The model invests in a mix of domestic and international equities, with geographic weighting subject to change intermittently. 


Our Kaleo Full model is composed of 35 stocks + 5 index ETFs. For clients with invested funds in the $250K to $1M range, we offer a subset 22 stocks + 5 index ETFs subset of this model (Kaleo A) in order to reduce brokerage fees. 

Returns since inception for each of our Kaleo models are similar by design.

We currently aim to hold a stock for 3-5 years in our Kaleo models. This means that we have an average portfolio turnover of 25%.  


We purposefully chose our benchmark to more accurately represent the broad geographic diversification of our holdings in Kaleo. Our benchmark for Kaleo is defined as 50% of the S&P 500 (in CAD$) and 50% of the S&P TSX.

Qube's Kaleo Investment Models

You can access more detailed information from Qube's team; please consult professional advice prior to investing to ensure your investment is appropriate based on your tolerance for risk. 

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